Walter Kraslow

"The Bebop Guitar Improv Series is an innovative guide for guitarists of all levels who want to learn jazz improvisation. (This is the jazz-instruction book that didn’t come with that nice guitar you bought but can’t play, at least not like you want to.)

Richie seamlessly integrates the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements of jazz improvisation and demonstrates how they are used on the guitar. The Series, to my knowledge, is the clearest and most concise and comprehensive guide to jazz guitar out there. It’s no dry-as-dust text book, but rather a concrete hands-on instruction guide whose lessons are supplemented by detailed multimedia instructional materials accessible at Richie’s Website.

Perhaps more important than how much the Series can improve your guitar playing is how much it will enhance your love of jazz by deepening your understanding of it.

I can’t recommend the Series highly enough to guitarists who want to learn how to play jazz—whether beginners or journeymen."