Enrique Gardano

"Having spent now over 30 years studying guitar with countless number of great teachers and graduate music studies, I have seen the teaching of guitar evolve from a disorganized, and sporadic source of learning into a professional and comprehensive abundant source of disciplined, efficient learning.  It used to be that you first had to find a teacher and then succumb to their conclusions over their time with usually weak foundations. Richie Zellon's Bebop guitar series illustrates the evolution of the teaching of guitar into the level where it should be: a comprehensive and strategic approach to mastering this wonderful and rich style of music.  With text, videos and backing tracks you can reach a professional level of playing by following this wonderful system which is full of knowledge and stuff that works!

I can only say that I respect my teacher, friend and colleague to the highest level by putting this out and making it available to anyone who wants to play bop in the guitar to a deep level."