Module 1: Fundamentals

Please view the Lessons within each module in the given numerical order!

1- Introduction

2- How to Use this Series

3- A Brief Intro to Tonality

4- The Blues Tonality

5-  The Heptatonic System of Scale Fingerings

6- Understanding Vertical Fingering Relationships

7- Vertical Cycle of Heptatonic Fingerings

8- Horizontal Cycle of Heptatonic Fingerings

9- Procedure to Learn & Practice the Fingerings

10- Introducing Fingering Patterns 1, 4 & 5

11- Guide Tones & Voice Leading Principles

12- Introducing Intervallic Script

13- Arpeggio & Guide Tone Resolution Exercises

14- Rhythm Lab #1

15- Ear Training Lab 1

16- In a Nutshell #1

17- Finger Stretches When Playing Heptatonic Scales

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