Private Lessons


Skype Lessons are available internationally

in English, Spanish & Portuguese

(Se Habla Español / Se Fala Portugues)

In addition to providing personal guidance & more in depth information to students enrolled in the Bebop Guitar Improv Series, the private lessons can cover any specialized instruction desired by the student (eg. chord melody, harmony, sightreading, transcriptions, etc.).

Please be aware that you need to have a fairly fast and reliable internet connection as well as an up to date web camera (preferably HD). If you are not sure if your internet connection is reliable for Skype Lessons, please e-mail me and I’ll be glad to schedule a 5 min chat with you on Skype. This will help determine if your current setup is good enough or if you might need to do some upgrading.

Skype Lessons

1-In order to get started, please select the lesson package of your choice from below. You can pay with PayPal or most major credit cards.
2- Within 24 hours after your payment is received, you will receive a “welcome” e-mail requesting information on your time zone and desired lesson schedule.
3- Click here to read and/or download a PDF with the Lesson Policy and additional information.
Please e-mail me, if you have any additional questions.

Look forward to hearing from you!  – Richie Zellon

Standard Rates when Paying by the Lesson:

1- 30 minute lesson: $40.00

1- 50 minute lesson: $60.00

1- 80 minute lesson: $85.00

1- 1hr & 45 minute lesson: $100.00

Save with Multi-Lesson Packages!

Please read the Lesson Completion Period Policy here!

4 x 30 minute lessons: $140.00 (save $20.00!)

4 x 50 minute lessons: $210.00 (save $30.00!)

4 x 80 minute lessons: $310.00 (save $30.00!)

8 x 30 minute lessons: $260.00 (save $40.00!)

8 x 50 minute lessons: $400.00 (save $80.00!)

8 x 80 minute lessons: $600.00 (save $80.00!)