Module 1b: Fundamentals Revisited

Please view the Lessons within each module in the given numerical order!

1. Intro to BGIS Volume 2

2. How To Use Lesson Book 2

3. Intervallic Script in VOL. 2

4. Melodic Targeting Review

5. Double Function Tones

6. Introducing Composite Fingerings

7. Intro to Bebop Calisthenics 7

8. Composite Fingering Arpeggios – Ionian

9. Composite Fingering Arpeggios – Mixolydian

10. Composite Fingering Arpeggios – Dorian/Aeolian

11. Composite Fingering Arpeggios – Locrian

12. Composite Fingering Arpeggios – Super Locrian

13. Rhythm Lab 3a “2 Beat Cell Review”

14. Rhythm Lab 3b “Rhythmic Cells w/ Ties”

15. Intro To Heptatonic Chord & Scale Relationships

16. Mixolydian Heptatonic Chord & Scale Relationships

17. Ionian Heptatonic Chord & Scale Relationships

18. Dorian/Aeolian Chord & Scale Relationships

19. Locrian Heptatonic Chord & Scale Relationships

20. Super Locrian Heptatonic Chord & Scale Relationships

21. Structuring Solos from Guide Tone Lines_Part1

22. Structuring Solos from Guide Tone Lines_Part2

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