Ricardo Noceda MD
I'm an old rocker who decided after many years to switch gears and dive into jazz.  I knew it would be a challenge and I knew I needed someone to help guide me. I had teachers before Richie, and they just gave me lists of scales and lists of chords and said "here, memorize these and then play over these jazz changes and tunes till you get it right". What?!?
We know jazz is much more complex & sophisticated than that. Most of the jazz masters have logged 20,000 hours honing their skills and seem to play intuitively, as a result, but when you're a working middle-aged guy like me,  you just don't have that amount of time and you need a method. Fortunately, I kept searching and I found Richie Z. Richie has developed an understandable,  structured method based on his years as a professional player and teacher. I've taken the bi-weekly lessons for 9 months and it's so worthwhile.
Jazz is a complex and beautiful medium and Richie breaks it all down so that you can understand from the ground up, what, how & why. This has made me a better musician. As he says, this isn't an easy endeavor and it will take some time and dedication, but you'll see the results if you stick to it. So go for it!