Darryl Williams

"I have always wanted to learn to play jazz guitar. I wanted to understand the art of improvisation and how the greats were able to make their solos sound so good. What were the ‘ingredients' of their lines? How did they come up with those rhythmic patterns?

I began looking for a jazz instructor in 2014. What I found were very capable players who taught random ideas from lesson to lesson. Most provided no documentation so there was nothing for me to reference between lessons. I guess what I am saying is that there was no real structure to their program.

I came across Richie Zellon via his YouTube channel called The Jazz Guitar Channel. I enjoyed both his playing and the teaching videos that I found on his channel. I eventually found my way to his website called the Bebop Guitar Improv Series.

What I like about his program is as follows: - The system is well documented, well thought out, and presented in a professional manner - The concepts are functional and build upon one another from lesson to lesson - I can work through it at my own pace - I am learning how to construct and play my own solos using these concepts.

I also take bi-weekly lessons from Richie which allows me to get regular feedback on my playing as I work through his course. Invaluable!

I would highly recommend Richie Zellon as an instructor and his Bebop Guitar Improv Series to anyone wanting to learn the art of jazz improvisation."