Corey Passons
I have been playing guitar for over 30 years as a songwriter and rhythm player in my bands.  But I have just seriously started committing to becoming a jazz guitarist in the past couple of years.  I have worked with a couple of online "ala carte" style programs that offered mini classes on scales, or an overview of chord analysis on a standard....but I really wasn't getting anywhere and often felt overwhelmed.
I am about 8 months into working with Richie in his Bebop curriculum and I do an hour lesson with him every other week.  Am I an amazing, effortless improviser now?  Well, no.  But what is going on is that I am learning how to learn jazz, and (spoiler alert), it's hard!  It's also awesome and to me, what is exciting is having a system based on a specific goal (learning bebop) with measurable increments.  I didn't have that focus before and while this curriculum is not easy, it is teaching me a lot and I can see that I am building a necessary foundation for what is to come.  If you have the desire to learn jazz and are willing to put in some work, this curriculum, and Richie, will benefit you on your path!