Carlos Figueroa
"When I 'discovered' Richie Zellon and his Bebop Guitar Improv Series and read his biography, I couldn’t relate more to his story. Of course I am not attempting to compare my self to Richie, but I have also been on a long journey of trying to learn Jazz Guitar with private teachers, several courses in Berklee Online, innumerable books, etc., and I still couldn’t improvise a decent Jazz line. As an Electronics Engineer by background and 'serious Jazz Guitar aficionado', Richie’s BGIS method is just what I needed; a structured, progressive, science based, yet artistic and creative path to learn the language of Jazz applied to the guitar. To some an instruction to 'follow what your ears and fingers tell you', or listening and copying licks from the greatest day and night might work, not for me, and I bet not for many. I can’t recommend Richie’s method enough and that you make every effort to add 1-on-1 lessons along with the books, exercise and videos; believe me, it is hard work, but you will hear and enjoy the progress, and will be amazed at how the theory meets with actual playing and how all makes sense."