Brian Babiak
"As a musician primarily rooted in progressive metal, drawing influences from artists like Plini and Ichika Nito, I embarked on a journey with the bebop jazz guitar course to diversify my musical vocabulary and creativity. Despite my affinity for my 7-string guitar, for this course, I've dedicated my baby blue Stratocaster, proving that musical growth knows no bounds. Having played guitar on and off for 40 years, accumulating nearly every book and piece of gear imaginable, I've always sought ways to enhance my musicality. Although familiar with modes, fingerings, arpeggios, and more, I struggled to integrate these elements into cohesive, melodic solos. This course, however, has been a revelation. Through a series of fingerings that span the entire fretboard—echoing the versatility of the CAGED method—and an emphasis on chord tones as solo anchors, I've found a new ease in internalizing scales and modes. Richie's approach to teaching is unparalleled. His ability to weave theory with practical application, covering topics like chord formation and substitution seamlessly, has clarified concepts that once seemed elusive. The structured, bite-sized video vignettes complemented by comprehensive books, provide a learning experience that rivals hundreds of dollars worth of traditional guitar instruction. Studying under the tutelage of legends like George Benson, Pat Martino, and Charles Banacos, Richie is undeniably the real deal. This course not only offers immediate access to invaluable instructional materials but also outlines a clear path to mastery. With every lesson, my musicality has expanded significantly. Priced at a fraction of its value, this course is a testament to Richie's expertise and dedication to sharing the gift of music. It stands as a beacon for any guitarist aspiring to new heights of creativity and skill."