Module 8: Exploring New Fingering Models

Please view the Lessons within each module in the given numerical order!

Pattern 4 Fingering Model

1- Pattern 4 Fingering Model

mixo pat7

2- Mixolydian Pattern 7

Opus 20

3- Jazz Etude Opus 20

dorian pat7

4- Dorian Pattern 7

dorian pat5

5- Dorian Pattern 5

Opus 21

6- Jazz Etude Opus 21

super loc pat4

7- Super Locrian Pattern 4

super loc pat2

8- Super Locrian Pattern 2

Opus 22

9- Jazz Etude Opus 22

Locrian Pat5

10- Locrian Pattern 5

Opus 23

11- Jazz Etude Opus 23

Intro to dissecting

12- Intro To Dissecting The Masters


13- Dissecting The Masters Part1_Phrase1


14- Dissecting The Masters Part1_Phrase2


15- Dissecting The Masters Part1_Phrase3


16- Dissecting The Masters Part1_Phrase 4

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